Business Printing

Does this look familiar??

stacks of boxes full of unused shirts, hat and merch

We can help with your logo merchandise and free up your closet space!

The Peridot Pig has on-site design and printing capabilities in addition to print on demand services. Once we finalize your design and pick your products, you'll have a dedicated location on The Peridot Pig website. You can send clients to purchase directly or provide gift cards to your employees.


  • No more coordinating sizes and quantities
  • Only order what product/size/color needed. No minimum quantities required!
  • Items are shipped directly to your customer/employee
  • Thousands of items available in the current catalog
  • You're no longer stuck with XXS t-shirts nor run out of a particular size
  • Offer a larger variety of styles, sizes and colors than you ever did before
  • The customizations are endless!
  • Competitive prices
  • No setup fees
  • No digitization fees

Here's how it works:

  1. Contact us and provide your business logo and content
  2. Determine sample products
  3. We'll finalize the design and review the mockups of your design(s)
  4. Determine the cost and retail prices for your items
  5. After you approve the designs, you can purchase samples or finished products at a discounted price
  6. We'll publish your new merchandise and you can share the link with your employees and/or clients
  7. You earn a 10% commission on all products sold. 

You can add additional products at any time! We have many customized, printed and embroidered merch products to offer. See our blog post on options.

Contact us for more information and ideas specific to your business!