Custom ICC Profiles - Terms & Conditions

Creating a color profile is somewhat complex and it is critical that you follow the instructions to obtain accurate results. Here is a high-level overview of the process:

  1. Ensure your printer is ready for printing
  2. Download and install the software
  3. Configure your printing equipment
  4. Test print the "Target Image"
  5. Purchase the Custom ICC Profile package from The Peridot Pig
  6. Press the Target Image onto a substrate(s) to create the "Target Print"
  7. Send the final Target Print to The Peridot Pig
  8. The Peridot Pig creates the Custom ICC Profile
  9. The Peridot Pig emails the Custom ICC Profile to the you
  10. Install the Custom ICC Profile on your computer

Once you have completed these steps, The Peridot Pig ("TPP") will provide an ICC Profile that works for a single ink, paper, substrate combination.  See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information on the Custom ICC Profiling Process.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You ("Client") are responsible for following the directions and printing the Target Image with all color management disabled.  The results will not be accurate if not completed correctly.
  • The Client will be provided with a checklist of steps to complete and information to provide along with the Target Image source file. All the information must be completed before TPP sends the final ICC Profile to the Client
  • Due to the nature and complexity of sublimation printing, it is difficult to control if the Client's printing environment is correctly configured. TPP cannot provide a guarantee that the ICC Profile built from the Client's Target Print will be 100% accurate. TPP's liability is limited to the cost of the profile purchase. If the instructions are performed correctly, the Client should see excellent results and a greatly improved result in their image color accuracy.
  • Currently, TPP is only providing ICC Profiles for RGB sublimation printers only. We can profile a wide variety of ink and paper combinations, but TPP is limited to the substrates that can be profiled. Please contact us if you have a special request. If the Client purchases and sends a Target Print that TPP is unable to profile, we reserve the right to refund their purchase. Any shipping charges are the responsibility of the Client and will not be refunded.
  • After you receive your ICC Profile, TPP will provide support for five (5) business days to help you resolve any issues. TPP may require a new Target Print be provided by the Client. If TPP is still unable to help the Client resolve their issues, we reserve the right to refund the original profile fee and close the case. TPP may not be able to solve every printing problem that occurs, but we'll try our best to assist. Please read the FAQ or our Trouble Shooting Guide if you are still having problems.
  • The Client's Target Print(s) become the property of TPP and will not be returned. TPP will save the Target Print for 30 calendar days after which they are destroyed.
  • TPP will maintain a copy of the Client's ICC Profile for a minimum of 30 calendar days. We recommend that you create a backup of the file in case of a system crash or loss of data. TPP may not be able to resend a copy of your file after 30 days.
  • The ICC Profile that is sent to the Client is designed to work with a single combination of ink, paper and substrate that was used to create the original Target Print. Print and color quality is not guaranteed if the Client attempts to use the profile with a different printer, ink, paper, pressing process or substrate. The results may be unreliable at best, and the Client may use the ICC Profile under different circumstances at their own risk. Changing the brand of ink, upgrading your computer system, or installing new printer drivers may affect the ICC Profile and a new ICC Profile may have to be purchased.
  • The ICC Profile purchased by the Client is intended for their sole use. It should not be sold nor distributed in any way. 


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