The Peri Pig Story

Peri is a peculiar little pig... he always has been. When just a wee little piglet he didn't like the same things as the other piglets. Yes, some of their things were cute, but maybe they were just too cute.

Peri has always had more of a flair for the peculiar. He'd wonder... why do things have to match? Why are the colors either for boy piglets or girl piglets? Why do umbrellas keep us dry instead of wet?

Resisting conventional piglet norms, he gradually began adding little things that he thought others might not notice. He put tiny spiders on his Valentine's Day cards. He added a pair eyes on the back of his tennis shoes. He gave his love a little potato man.

Once in a while, someone would notice and mention that they liked his style. As he grew older, he decided to embrace his peculiarities. The more he added, the more others agreed that being different was good and special.

One day, someone asked Peri, "Where do you get all that cool stuff?"   

" ", he replied.

 Peri and friends on the farm.