Custom ICC Profiles for Sublimation Printing

The Peridot Pig is now offering custom ICC color profiles specifically tailored for sublimation printing! Whether you're a hobbyist or newly entering the sublimation printing business, having the proper colors in your prints is a must.  We are using the X-Rite iProfiler software with an iPublish 3.0 Plus to profile and calibrate RGB sublimation printers. The i1Publish Pro 3 Plus hardware can create the high quality ICC profiles to perfect your sublimation and regular prints. Get the most color accurate prints and proofs with repeatable results every time!

Custom ICC profile for mugs

Before and After sample images

Included in a custom ICC Color Profiling package:

  • Custom profiling service that is tailored for your specific ink/paper/printer/substrate combination
  • Target (Color Charts) TIFF files for RGB US Letter (A4) print media
  • An ICC profile that will work for one ink/paper/printer/substrate combination
  • Instructions for creating the Target Prints
  • Instructions on how to install and use the new Custom ICC Color Printing Profile
  • Group technical support on our Discord server

See our FAQ page to determine the best package to get you started. Feel free to contact us if you need additional help. 

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