Personalized 8" x 11.5" 120 piece XOXO puzzle - Available in 3 Styles


A perfect little token of your affection. These puzzles are a sweet treat for Valentine's Day or an anniversary. They'd even make a random Monday brighter. The puzzles are printed on a thin, glossy cardboard and have just enough pieces to be challenging. They are made extra special by adding a personalized name or term of endearment.

We do mix up the pieces and ship the puzzle in a clear bag. It's tied with a bright ribbon and you can add a gift card for free. We're also nice and include a printed image of the final puzzle but it's in a sealed envelope. Your choice if you want to use it!


  • Chipboard with a gloss coating and vivid sublimation print
  • 120 pieces
  • Dimensions: 8" x 11.5"

NOTE: If you'd like to purchase more than one puzzle of this style, add them to the cart separately so your customization is called out for each one.