Complex ICC Profile


The Peridot Pig now offers a custom color profiling service for sublimation printing. There's nothing worse than getting all of your equipment set up but the colors aren't quite right! We can help fine tune an ICC profile to work with your specific printer/ink/paper/substrate combination.

This package is perfect for a sublimation printer or crafter that is venturing into a broader range of products. This profiling service is for sublimation photo panels, hardboard, ceramics, tumblers or heavier fabrics. It requires a larger version of the Target Images due to the reflective nature and/or texture of the substrate being used.

Read more about our ICC Profile services. Need profiles for t-shirts, EasySubli vinyl or light fabrics? Use our Standard Profiling service instead.

Included with this service:

  • Custom profiling service that is tailored for sublimation printing on white substrates other than fabric
  • 10 x Sublimation Profile Target (Color Charts) TIFF files for RGB US Letter (A4) print media
  • Includes a single ICC profile that will work for one printer/ink/paper/substrate combination
  • Instructions for creating the Target Prints
  • Instructions on how to install the Sublimation Printing Custom ICC File
  • Group technical support on our Discord server
  • Best for a baseline reference image and printing on white textured surfaces, Chromoluxe photo panels, tumblers, ceramics and translucent substrates.


  • An email address is required with this order.
  • You will need to download and print 10 - 8" x 11" Target Images and press them to the substrate being profiled.
  • You will need to ship the final Target Prints to The Peridot Pig for us to profile. Shipping costs are not included as part of this purchase.
  • Please read the instructions -before- placing your order.
  • You are responsible for providing the ten (10) pieces of substrate for the prints or you may purchase them from our site for an additional cost.

NOTE: No physical products are sent to you as part of this service. The final ICC profile will be sent to you electronically.

Questions? Need help selecting a profiling package?? See our FAQ or contact us for more information.


Customer Reviews

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Sasha Robinson
Amazing Results, Fantastic Customer Service

I could not be more ecstatic about the results I’m seeing with my custom icc profile. It is a night and day difference that turned a nightmare printing experience into a dream! Not only are the colors beautiful (and realistic!) but the detail that was getting washed out is now present.

Plus, I was also grateful and impressed by the top notch customer service delivered with professionalism and a down to earth attitude. That type of balance is one I always appreciate when I find it!

Their written instructions and online communications work hand in hand to really try and make sure you don’t miss a step and the process is smooth.

I could go on and on, but if you’re having issues with your sublimation printing and suspect you need a custom icc profile, get in touch with them today! You won’t regret it.